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We are a full service landscape, tree and property maintenance company, servicing clients both residential and commercial with all landscaping needs. With the use of state of the art equipment and high quality products & materials, it is no surprise that we continue to exceed our clients expectations on each and every job. We work closely with our clients to gain an understanding of their wants and needs, in turning their visions to reality.

Island boyz landscaping represents customer satisfaction, service and a great experience from start of job to finish. A local company with young ambitious guys always taking that extra step to another job well done with happy customers.


Turn everyones vision of their yard into a reality and ensure it's properly maintained over time


To turn our customers landscaping into something they can truly be proud of


We make sure everything is done right the first time in order to keep our customers happy and maximize efficiency


Why Choose Us


We don't waste any time getting you the results you are looking for


Can meet all your landscaping desires


We work above and beyond to make sure everything is cleaner than when we came

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Over 5 years of lawn care experience

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